About Anthony Elfonzia

Born and raised in the Cleveland Metro Area, Anthony Elfonzia is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Trainer, and Restorative Therapist.
Anthony spent 20 years as a firefighter for the City of Cleveland, which included creating a training program that produced the top scoring candidates on the fire department's physical ability course.
An he aspired to show the world what healthy living and fitness could do, he stepped on the bodybuilding stage in Paris, France as a natural bodybuilder and walked away first place overall.
Now a resident of the Los Angeles area, Anthony has devoted himself to helping others achieve self-confidence and a healthier life.  He has several high profile clients and CEOs of multi-million dollar companies.  His skills as a trainer and massage therapy have been showcased in resorts in San Diego and as far as way as Croatia.
He also works with high school football teams as a sports trainer in the Los Angeles area and has clients all over the globe.
Anthony's mission is to educate, inspire, and infuse people with the motivation to build and maintain a loving, healthy, and laughter filled life.  
In his words, " Let's have some fun!"