About Us

Optimum Restorative Therapy is our creative and spiritual gift to assist you in a spectacular transformation.

We know that through a wellness and fitness program, losing inches, being super fit, and having more energy, gives one the confidence to know oneself as a strong person. That is really what can be attained.

Our founder, Anthony Elfonzia has this to say:

"As a former firefighter who has trained hundreds of firefighters and thousands of recruits, I know the satisfaction that comes from pushing past your mind telling you to stop and quit.

I created a unique blend of personal training, massage therapy, muscle & joint care, and spiritual counseling, that specifically targets the reasons mentally and physically you have told yourself why you can't achieve your goals.

In my Woodland Hills, California studio, I have a partnership with the former sports trainer and chiropractor to the USA Track and Field Olympic team. Come to my live classes or sign up for online training to receive world's best training."

Our ALL IN ONE bundled services offer what can only be obtained by going to multiple places:


Don't delay your happiness. Join our program so we can work together to celebrate your health and happiness today. 

There is only NOW, NOW, NOW!


Optimum Restorative Therapy helps individuals restore and maintain superb health and perform at an OPTIMUM level.


Restorative Therapy includes:

- Evaluation & Strategic Goal Plan

- Holistic Treatments
     - Muscle & Joint Recovery
     - Super Flex
     - Chiropratic Therapy

- Massage Therapy

- Heat and Cold Therapy

- Cold Laser Therapy

- Sports Specific Flexibility
     - Movement
     - Stretching

- Personal Training
     - General Fitness
     - Physique and Bodybuilding Contest Prep
     - Sports Performance Training

- Sports Minded Spiritual Counseling

(how to climb out of a stagnate mindset)

      * Anthony Elfonzia is also an Ordained Minister.

- Affirmations 4 $uccess