For nationally-beloved motivational personality, Lisa Nichols, Coach Anthony's had a message with real resonance – and one she wanted to share with her fans.

"Watching my body transform is crazy exciting. I'm now enjoying clothes that would not previously zip up!"
                                      - Lisa Nichols


Not sure if you're ready or if Coach Anthony is the right person to help you on your journey to healthier and happier individual?  

Listen to those who had the same skepticism, took a chance, and experienced a transformation of a lifetime...

"DAY 8 NN90 fitness program - during my Skype training with celebrity fitness trainer Anthony Elfonzia Nickerson-El, he was 100% true to his mission of helping me create non-negotiable optimum mind, body, soul wellness.

Under his direction, I did 30 minutes of intense workout followed by 20 minutes of meal plan discussion.  He's knowledgable, encouraging and relentless about helping me achieve my goals."

                                                                                     - Denise J. Hart

"I lost weight and my family see it. I feel so good and strong, in my body in my mind and soul. I'm making baby steps, but I'm doing it. 

One day, I lost my ring on my finger it came off (wow). Thank you so much Coach Anthony.  Love, Cassandra."

                                                                                 - Cassandra Orr Romero

"Today, my official day 30 (off NN90 Program), I have released 14.7lbs so ecstatic (that) I did the happy dance at my place of work....

I'm loving the results loving the support... keeps me moving!!!

Xoxo...!!!! Look no double chin!!! Lol"

                                                                                                  - Laura Correa

I have been living abroad for last 7 years and my story about loosing weight and getting it back again,most of the time was the same.  To be honest with you, I am tired of this (I guess there are many people who understand my situation and experienced the same).

To get some energy and new emotions,I went for a short trip to Barcelona, when I arrived, my best friend told me about NN90... I guess my friend saw, that I need help as soon as possible...!

This was the time of my life when I would love to change this situation and this challenge gave me all the necessary information,support,training system...finally to find the way to look good,feel good, and be confident about myself and enjoy life in the best quality I can, no matter in which country I am living!

(Within a short time) my personal results were: 5.1 inches off my waist and 1.23 inches off my hips!!! skin is more clean and healthy, my mood changed, my confidence totally changed :-); my energy during the day changed....I am feeling In love with myself and my body again....these feelings I was missing long time ago...I am still on the way...but it works!!!!

Thank you so much Coach Anthony for this amazing program, it not only helps to transform the body, it also transforms your inner world.  Thank you again!

                                      - Rita Spitjuka